Elmwood Package Acceptance

We have a secure package room just inside our 24-hour entrance!

How Package Acceptance Works

Getting started is easy!

  • Order whatever you like using our address and your unit number
  • You’ll be alerted when we receive your delivery
  • Enter your access code to enter the Package Acceptance room
  • Claim your delivery
  • No limit on how many packages you can receive this way!
  • 145 digital cameras monitoring areas inside & out

Protect Your Deliveries

We’ll accept deliveries for you and store them in our secure Package Acceptance Room.

If you’re worried about box thieves, take advantage of Elmwood Package Acceptance. 

This service is for our tenants - if you’re renting a self storage unit or other types of storage, you can simply deliver to our address and your unit number! 

We’ll accept the package on your behalf and store it in our secure package room until you come by to claim it. 

With 24/7 access for our tenants, you’ll never have to worry about our office hours!

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