Elmwood Records Center

Reduce Risk and Maintain Compliance. Keep up with increasing privacy regulations with our information destruction services!

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Shredding Services and More

Safely dispose of sensitive information with Elmwood Records Center

Increasing regulations, consumer demands for the protection of personal information, and the need to protect your employees and stakeholders make timely, secure shredding an essential part of your overall records management program. 

Elmwood Records Center can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information destruction solution. 

Elmwood offers a variety of flexible destruction programs customized to your organization’s needs. 

This includes offsite or onsite – from special projects to ongoing, scheduled programs.

Secure Destruction Features

We can destroy paper media on or offsite

  • Plant-based or mobile shredding
  • On-site placement and scheduled rotation of security consoles and bins
  • Management of one-time information purges
  • Check out our Record Management website for more information!
  • Our high security facility has multiple digital cameras with backup recording