Elmwood Facility

The History of Elmwood Self Storage

The Finest in Metairie Self Storage

Lauricella Land Company and Al Gardes, Director of Project Management, knew that they didn’t want to build just any self-storage facility.

They wanted to offer the finest self-storage facility in New Orleans … one that would elicit a Wow! response from everyone who saw it.

And that’s what they did.

Opened in February of 2004, Elmwood Self Storage and Wine Cellar is New Orleans’ largest and most unique climate-controlled storage development, featuring the latest in cutting edge technology. A stunning, first-class self-storage center, it combines traditional storage with an elegant wine cellar and state-of-the art, high-security vault and gun storage for gun collections, artwork, jewelry, heirlooms, precious metals and valuable documents. Its custom-built mahogany gun cabinets are access-controlled by biometric sensors, and stainless steel fireproof safe deposit boxes with dual keys are available in larger hard-to-find sizes.

The facility’s exterior portrays a beautiful glass wall, which shows off the stairway behind it - one that is incredibly accentuated by interior and exterior lights at night. Also lit at night and adding to the beauty of the building are glass windows strategically placed at the end of each corridor in the 200-by-280-foot, three-story building to allow natural light to penetrate each level.

Breaking up the long, horizontal appearance of the site is a clock tower at the southeast corner of the building - a focal point for the adjacent shopping center as it can be seen from four blocks away. Additionally, the design character of the tower was carried through to the opposite side of the building and forms an anchor for the retail side.

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